Donald Trump is tedious

He strives, and he fails, and never does his failure run deeper 
than when he, on surface, succeeds 

He reckons himself a shrewd businessman, but his model is fraud; 
of his many bankruptcies, the greatest one is the one he has yet
to declare: that of his morality

His quotidian, reflexive deceits preclude
him from being taken seriously, and the defects of
his character disqualify him from sympathy;
his style mocks both statesmanship and camp

Rather than reflecting greatness, the monuments 
he builds to himself reveal an infinity of need;
Trump's towers dwarf those of Gaudi in mere size
but, spiritually, the reverse is true; 
his noted grandiosity is, in fact,

He doesn't love the poorly educated,
he is incapable of such sincere emotion
he doesn't even love money, as the greedy
are said to do: his insatiable, insecure rapine
is the very antithesis of romantic feeling

Sometimes the cream rises to
the top, sometimes the scum

Donald Trump is tedious.