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Tea Time



There was a table
In a very large room.



No. There were two tables in a very small


On the street

“Out with the new-- in with the old!”
stated flatly,
The old man with a

“No! In with the new and out
with the old!”
said a quiet
old lady with
a worn out shoe.


On a small table
In a large small room.

Pieces of jigsaw puzzle
Helter skelter



“Where do they go-- where to they go?”
“Here or there, there or here?”


Him, standing in the corner, with a baton

“No room! No room!”
“Sit, sit, SIT!”
“No, no, no, no room! Stand, stand, STAND!”
Waving the baton, this way and that.



“There is a small spot-- there is
Just one piece.
Only that piece,
Isn’t here.”


Him-- to his friends that she cannot see

“Not here, not here, not here,”

they chant. They chant,
because she can’t-- and they can.

A window -- opened just a crack, in the large small
room, with one large, no two small tables.

Juggling his hat and looking through her--

“A rabbit, a rabbit, a rabbit.
No, a watch, a watch, a watch.
Or was it that raven, with the writing desk,
you do not know about. And…
neither do I, but I do the asking and you
do the not answering.
So it matters not to me.”

On and On he chants…

Then stops!

In the palm of his hand, like a sugar cube,
A piece.

“Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick.”
He shouts and dances!
Smiling, he fits it in SO perfectly.



What choice do I have, but to drink his tea?


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